Chris Hemsworth gives himself a black eye

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Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

Sexy Chris Hemsworth didn’t heed Tom Hiddleston’s warning and gave himself a big black eye. The pair play warring brothers Thor and Loki in ‘Thor’. He told Shortlist magazine: ”Tom had a whip in his dressing room. I opened the door, saw it and was just. ‘Why the hell have you got this thing?’ And for one of the stunts he had to throw knives, so had to practice how to use the whip for some reason.
I accidentally stood on the end of the whip and cracked the thing and it recoiled and hit me right in the eye. I had an inch of swelling above my eye and across my cheek, and straight away it started to turn black. We had to shoot the next day, so trying to explain why I had a black eye and that I didn’t know if I could shoot was tough. ‘How did you do it?’ ‘Um, Tom’s whip hit me’. He wasn’t pleased.”

Boys will be boy playing with whips.

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