David Beckham has sex Five times a day!

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Yummy David Beckham and sexy Victoria Beckham are having sex five times a day in a bid to have another baby. Posh Spice who has three sons with the soccer star is desperate for a daughter and has devised a “timetable” to allow them to get intimate as often as possible. The couple apparently started their new sex regime during an Easter holiday in the Caribbean but have now briefly parted ways as David recovers from a ruptured Achilles tendon in Los Angeles and Victoria is in London for work. David, 34, is apparently “exhausted” from his 35-year-old spouse’s demands and is trying to recuperate quickly before they reunite on Monday. Lucky David to be getting so much sex, but to also deliver is a testament to his stamina. Good Luck to them in their sex filled encounters.


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David Beckham got his golden balls grabbed

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David Beckham had his penis grabbed by Italian journalist Elena Di Cioccio trying to check the size of his testicles. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and grabbed his manhood – to see whether or not he lived up to his nickname “Golden Balls,” which he was famously dubbed by wife Victoria Beckham.
She said: “I want to find out how big his testicles are!”
David – who was talking to a reporter outside a hotel in Milan before the incident – recoiled in shock and glared at the blond reporter before being led away by security staff. She then went running down the street shouting “E piccolo, Beckham,” which translates into “Beckham is small.” The journalist apparently wanted to see whether or not David’s package was as impressive in real life as it appeared in his Armani underwear campaign.

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