Zac Efron leaves rehab

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Zac Efron Naked

Zac Efron Naked

The Zac Efron rehab story has not been confirmed, and his representatives did not return messages. Efron’s spokesperson declined to comment.

Meanwhile, besides Parkland, he’s set to appear in other films later this year, including comedies That Awkward Moment and Neighbors. E! Online reported that a picture of Zac Efron shirtless from the latter film recently garnered millions of eyeballs online. He is such fantastic shape that we wish him well in his recovery.

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Zac Efron in new movie “Parkland”

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Zac Efron Nude

Zac Efron Nude

Super hot Zac Efron stars in the new movie “Parkland” opening on September 20th. Peter Landesman’s film centers around the immediate aftermath of the shooting of President John F. Kennedy.

JFK is rushed to the nearby Parkland hospital, where an untested rookie doctor, Jim Carrico, played  by Zac Efron,  who must operate on the critically wounded president.

Parkland is based Vincent Bugliosi’s Four Days In November.

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