True Blood’s Robert Kazinsky is super sexy as Warlo

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Robert Kazinsky Nude

Robert Kazinsky Nude

Robert Kazinsky is a British film, stage and television actor and model.

He plays the sultry and mysterious vampire/fairie Warlo on True Blood.

The HBO star has gotten fairly comfortable with appearing on screen in nothing but his birthday suit. I’ve never done nudity in my career ever, in any way shape or form. So every time I see myself on screen, I realize I have to hit the gym even harder that day.

He has such an awesome rock-hard body.

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New True Blood Season has Sexy Joe Manganiello

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Hunky Joe Manganiello resurrects his role as the hot werewolf on True Blood. The popular Alcide Herveaux garnered both popular and critical praise for his work on the show. Check out the action on the brand new season on HBO starting on June 10th. Are you camp werewolf or camp vampire? Difficult to choose since both sides are super hot.

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